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guide to applying for a schengen visa

Please Note Although we have taken great care to insure the information outlined on this page is frequently updated, Events2order strongly recommend that you use the information contained in this document as a guide only and that you seek additional information and confirmation from the relevant embassy or Consulate.

If you are a holder of a non British passport you may require a visa to participate in some of our events, you can confirm this by contacting the relevant embassy or consulate visa office, (See contact details below). If it is confirmed that you will require a visa for your visit, please click on the button at the bottom of this page and complete all sections of the form so that we can issue you with the Confirmation of Travel letter which is a requirement of your application. The confirmation of travel letter will be mailed to you along with a visa application form and our Schengen Visa application guide, which includes the address and nearest London Transport links to the relevant embassy or consular office.

Visa Office Office Enquiries
french 020 7073 1200 0906 550 8940
dutch 020 7590 3200 0906 550 8916
czech 020 7243 1115 0906 910 1060
north cyprus 020 7631 1930  
spanish 020 7589 8989 0906 550 8970

visiting the embassy or consulate

Most embassy and Consulates can only process a limited number of visa applications each day. Therefore, admission is based on a first come first serve basis. Once the Visa application section has reached capacity the doors will close and no further applications will be accepted for that day (so we advise that you arrive very early).

how long will my application take?

Although in most circumstances it only takes a day to process your visa application, in some circumstances it can take up to 3 months. It is therefore essential that you apply well in advance of your intended travel date.

what you will need to submit

A passport or official travel document that is valid for at least an additional 3 months after your return date from the territory of the Schengen country(s) you are visiting and contains a blank visa page. If you have a new passport you should submit if possible the old passport as well. Your residence permit should be endorsed in your new passport. If you are returning to the United Kingdom your residence permit for the United Kingdom must exceed the validity of the Schengen Visa by at least 3 months.

One fully completed and signed application form with 1 recent endorsed photograph per person/application.

required additional documents & proof

In addition to your application form & photographs you will need to supply the Visa section with;

  1. Evidence of board and lodging, hotel booking or confirmation of travel from your travel organiser.
  2. Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the costs of your intended stay (e.g. original recent bank statement, credit card with credit limit statement or travelers cheque's) amounting to a minimum of £30.00 per day, please note that cash is not acceptable.
  3. Evidence of medical insurance, for this you may submit , If you have a spouse holding a full European Union national passport. An E-111 form available from the post office, signed by the spouse listing the applicant as a dependant, or travel insurance valid for the time of stay, or other private medical insurance.
  4. Your last three pay slips or, if self employed, a letter from your solicitor, accountant or Companies House. If you are a student, you should submit a recent and original letter from school, college or university confirming attendance. If you are unemployed, you should bring your social security booklet.

visa fees

Visas can be issued free of charge to the spouse and children (under 18) of a European Union national. Proof of relationship must be submitted on every application, such as the original marriage or original full birth certificate mentioning the name of the parents, with certified translation in English and spouse's/parent's original passport. Copies are not acceptable.

visa fees are payable in cash only no cheque's, postal orders or credit cards are accepted.

special circumstances

If you are a citizen of Afghanistan, Algeria, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo or ex-Zaire, Iraq, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, North-Korea, Palestine, Rwanda, Sudan, Surinam, Syria, Yemen, or you are the holder of a travel document for stateless persons or refugees, the processing of your application may take up to several weeks.

please note:
Brown, blue or red residency permits are not recognised in place of passports or National Identity Cards and the Consular Department has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. Also submission of the above mentioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa.


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